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Welcome to F9 Productions, the preeminent choice among Colorado design build firms. Our team of architects and builders merge both disciplines seamlessly into our custom design and build process. We excel at delivering the dream home you envision.

What is the Design Build Process?

Traditionally, design and construction are disjointed tasks, often contracted separately. The design build method, however, unifies these elements under one team, creating a single-source responsibility for your construction project. This harmonized design build construction process fosters improved collaboration, reduces risk, and ensures cost savings for project owners.

Our Unique Colorado Design Build Methodology

F9 Productions isn’t just another name in the directory of Colorado design build contractors. Our uniqueness lies in the dual nature of our team: all our architects are also builders. This provides us a profound understanding of the entire construction process. We masterfully chart the course from blueprints to bricks, from floor plan development to final fittings.

Custom Designed and Custom Built

Every building project at F9 Productions is custom designed and crafted. Our design build team collaborates closely with you to understand your lifestyle, preferences, and aesthetic sensibilities. This intensive selection process ensures your home is designed with an essence that is uniquely you.

F9 Productions did the build out for my dog boutique. It consists of retail space, doggy daycare, DIY dog wash and grooming. From the very first day, Lance and his team were very professional and transparent with everything they did, Dee-O-Gee turned out better than I could of imagined. I highly recommend Lance and the F9 Production team for any architectural build. Efficiency, professionalism and integrity in their work is constant through out the entire process.

Dee-O-Gee Owner

Cost Effective Design Build Projects

Our streamlined approach results in substantial cost savings. By minimizing changes, reducing rework, and foreseeing potential pitfalls, we ensure your building project is cost effective without compromising on quality or aesthetics.

Comprehensive Understanding of the Build Process

What truly sets F9 Productions apart among design build firms in Colorado is our comprehensive understanding of the build process. As both architects and builders, we design with an eye for implementation. Our technical proficiency in the design and construction domains assures a smooth journey towards the completion of your dream home.

See Our Work Below

Atlas Tiny House

Atlas tiny house designed by F9

Mark 2

Klug Barn


Benefits of the Design Build Process

Choosing F9 Productions, a combined design builder, offers several advantages:

  • Simplified Communication: With one team handling all aspects of the project, you have a single point of contact, facilitating clear and efficient communication.
  • Time and Cost Savings: Our design build projects are delivered faster and more cost-effectively due to reduced rework and improved decision-making.
  • Quality Assurance: We ensure quality at every stage of the construction process, from concept to completion.
  • Budget Management: Early involvement of the design build team leads to more accurate project estimates, helping to keep the project within budget.

Your Dream Project is One Decision Away

When you choose F9 Productions, you’re not just selecting a Colorado design build contractor. You’re choosing a dedicated partner, committed to turning your vision into reality with unmatched expertise and care.

We strive to make your building project an exciting journey, culminating in a custom home designed to reflect you. Our design build process is engineered to deliver your dream home or commercial project efficiently, cost-effectively, and to your utmost satisfaction.

Contact us today to start your design build journey with F9 Productions, your trusted partner in creating remarkable, custom homes in Colorado.