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Welcome to F9 Productions, an award-winning architecture firm in Longmont CO. Our dedicated team of Longmont architects is deeply rooted in the principles of architectural design, delivering exceptional residential and commercial spaces tailored to fit our clients’ expectations.

Be Brilliant at the Basics: Design for Substance, Not Style

At F9 Productions, we strongly believe in designing for substance and not just for style. As an architecture firm that was named Best in State in Colorado, our Longmont architectural services aim to be “Brilliant at the Basics”.

Every Longmont designer working with us is proficient in the core elements, ensuring that the design solutions are both stunning and functional.

We’re not just any architectural firm; we specialize in custom homes, residential architectural projects, and commercial spaces. Our designs resonate with the ethos of modernism, sustainability, and reflecting the beauty of the Rocky Mountains.

F9 Productions did the build out for my dog boutique. It consists of retail space, doggy daycare, DIY dog wash and grooming. From the very first day, Lance and his team were very professional and transparent with everything they did, Dee-O-Gee turned out better than I could of imagined. I highly recommend Lance and the F9 Production team for any architectural build. Efficiency, professionalism and integrity in their work is constant through out the entire process.

Dee-O-Gee Owner

Communication is a Key Piece of Who We Are

Communication is pivotal in our design process. As the Longmont architects you trust, F9 Productions works closely with clients from the Front Range and across the United States, making sure there’s a clear understanding of vision and requirements throughout the designing and building phases. Our commitment to clarity ensures that the final product not only meets but exceeds our client’s expectations.

See Our Work Below

Truck Ranch

Truck Ranch building by F9 Productions

G5 Brewing Co

Eldorado Climbing Walls


Taking Extreme Ownership

For F9 Productions, every project—whether residential architects in Longmont CO are working on custom homes or we’re offering comprehensive Longmont architectural services for commercial spaces—is a reflection of our dedication. We take “Extreme Ownership” of our work. Each project, from homes remodels to large-scale designs, is a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence. This means that our architects and designers treat every project as their own, guaranteeing satisfaction from conception to completion.

Our Projects

F9 Productions isn’t just known for our residential architects in Longmont CO. As an all-encompassing design firm, we’re proud to offer a vast range of services. We blend the latest architectural trends with our clients’ unique requirements, ensuring the design reflects brand identity and purpose.

Our Longmont architects have expertise in a variety of sectors:

  • Custom Homes: Our residential architects specialize in custom homes, transforming visions into livable masterpieces.
  • Commercial Spaces: Our design solutions cater to both aesthetics and functionality, ensuring commercial spaces, whether an office or a retail store, reflect the brand’s essence.
  • Design and Build Process: From the initial concept to the final construction, we are with our clients at every step, ensuring the build process aligns with the design intent.

F9 Productions stands tall among architectural firms in the region and our designs and methods lead the industry. We pride ourselves on being the architecture firm in Longmont CO that pushes the boundaries of what’s possible, always delivering innovative and timeless designs.

F9 Productions is where dedication meets innovation. Our Longmont architects and designers are here to transform your architectural dreams into reality. If you’re searching for a design firm that upholds brilliance, communication, and ownership, look no further. Connect with F9 Productions today and embark on a journey to create spaces that truly resonate with purpose and beauty.