We are an experienced, young, and energetic team of architectural design professionals that have been providing world-class architectural design services to the Colorado Front Range, and beyond, since 2009.  We consistently deliver our clients outstanding attention and service with our thoughtful team of personable, friendly, and creative design professionals.

Name: Lance Cayko, Partner

Education and Experience:

Lance is a unique design professional, as he has over 20  years of hands-on construction experience. He has worked in the field as a carpenter and independent contractor spanning throughout North Dakota, Montana, and Idaho. He obtained an A.A.S degree in Building Construction Technology from NDSCS in Wahpeton, ND; a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Design from NDSU in Fargo, ND; and a Master’s Degree in Architecture, also from NDSU. While completing his Master’s Degree, he was the winner of the coveted Peter F. McKenzie Memorial Endowment Award for best thesis. 

His hands-on construction experience, combined with his impressive credentials, give him an edge over many architects. His experience has enabled him to leap into sophisticated and complex designs with the utmost understanding of their constructability.

Ability to write an email while eating an apple and listening to his favorite podcasts.

Name: Alex Gore, Partner

Education and Experience:

Alex grew up drawing wars of ants vs. bees, playing backyard baseball, visiting architectural sites, and being obsessed with Frank Lloyd Wright. After graduating from high school, he joined the National Guard as a heavy equipment operator. While enrolled in the Guard, he also attended North Dakota State University to start his formal training in Architecture. He graduated from NDSU with a Master’s Degree in Architecture and a Master’s Degree in Construction Management.

Upon graduating, Alex worked under the world-famous architect, Daniel Libeskind. From there, he teamed up with his best friend from college, Lance, and together they created F9 Productions, Inc.

Superpowers: Great at eating chips

Name:  Rebekah Warner, Project Designer 

Education and Experience:

Rebekah left her career in the financial market to begin a new, more creative career as an Interior Designer. Her lifelong love of art, math, and the environment led her to a career in design. Before joining the F9 team, she was gaining practical knowledge of the professional world of residential design in both Seattle and Upstate New York. A problem solver by nature, Rebekah has learned the sophisticated methodology behind the Autodesk Revit software—becoming certified at Autodesk University—and is now producing advanced 3D Models for clients that are constructible and quantifiable with locally sourced materials. Because digital modeling can limit change orders and rework scenarios, she feels compelled to push the construction industry to use technology and collaboration to significantly reduce waste and its impact on the environment. She has a passion for both the built and natural environments, believing the best architecture requires a carefully-designed balance between the two.

After traversing from the East to West Coast, Rebekah is thrilled to have finally landed in Colorado. Outside the office, Rebekah often takes a break from buildings altogether and can be found hiking in search of the alpine lakes in Colorado.

​Superpowers: You’ll never hear me yelling over the music in a bar, but you can catch me signing my drink order across the bar.

Name:  Alex Gresh, Project Manager

Education and Experience:

Alex is a local boy; born and raised in Colorado. He started his architecture career at the University of Colorado Boulder, where he earned his B.A. in Environmental Design, then his Masters of Architecture at the University of Colorado Denver. Besides architecture, Alex loves to travel, and in fact will soon travel around the entire world. Known as the sports guy in the office, Alex started working for F9 ​right after undergraduate school, and through graduate school, receiving a full position at F9 during the summer of 2017.​

​Superpowers: Drinking  a Whole Pot of Coffee  a Day and Not Shaking

Name: Jason Buss, Project Manager

Education and Experience:

Jason developed a love for crafting spaces in his childhood bedrooms growing up in North Chicago.  After moving to Philadelphia, he found himself studying architecture in the Tyler School of Art at Temple University.  During his college career, Jason worked for Gurney Kerr Contractors, completed an internship with Brommer Architects, and freelanced as a photographer.  

While at Temple, Jason took advantage of their campuses abroad and spent a semester studying architecture in Rome focusing on ways to bring context and relevance back to the ancient Roman walls that once defined the city boundary.  After receiving his Bachelor of Science in Architectural Design, Jason looked to take root near family in Colorado.  In a stroke of luck, Jason eagerly hopped on a plane to join the F9 team in October of 2016.

Superpowers: Professional Sleeper

Name: Rohs Heck, Project Designer

Education and Experience:

Rohs began his architecture career at the University of Colorado at Boulder, where he earned his B.A. in Environmental Design in addition to a certificate in Lighting Design. During this time he worked at the university’s wood and metal shop and got his first real taste of hands-on construction experience with his junior-year studio class that designed and built a tiny home at the Lama Foundation in Taos, New Mexico. Like many transplants today, Rohs was originally from the east coast, specifically New Jersey, and came out west to Colorado in 2013 with no intentions of looking back.

As an outdoorsman with a close relationship to the natural environment he camps whenever possible, often with several co-workers at the firm. His close attention to detail and creative tendencies also means he has several side-projects that occupy much of his time after hours.
Superpowers: Starting road trips at 2am.

Name: Tyler McNutt, Project Designer

Education and Experience:​

Tyler knew from a young age that he had always wanted to be an architect. Born and raised in Saint Joseph, Missouri, Tyler’s interest in architecture increased exponentially after visiting The Wyeth Tootle Mansion. He began his architecture career at North Dakota State University, where he earned his Bachelor of Science in Architecture Design, along with his Master’s Degree of Architecture. During his time at North Dakota State University, Tyler competed as a Division I wrestler for 5 years earning Academic All Big 12 Honors. Outside of architecture, Tyler enjoys being outside and exploring nature. Known as “Coach” in the office, Tyler enjoys pushing his colleagues on push-up Fridays. Tyler started working for F9 after graduating in 2020.
Superpowers: Eating a whole pizza by myself.

Name: Michael Bacca, Construction Crew

Education and Experience:

Bacca has always enjoyed working with his hands over anything else. He spent 7 years as an automotive technician but found his real passion when stepping into the construction field. He loves to take a pile of materials and tools and turn it into a beautiful and long lasting structure. Every day he aims to learn and improve himself, both as an individual and as a member of the team.
As a Colorado native, he is a frequent outdoors man. It’s not uncommon to find him hiking, backpacking, and enjoying the other wonderful outdoor activities this state has to offer.

Superpowers: Rolling with the punches!

Name: Richie Wisecup, Construction Crew

Education and Experience:

Rich is a Colorado native that has worked as an irrigation and landscape technician for the City of Longmont for two years, and a Master auto technician for the last twelve years. He realized he had lost the passion for working in the automotive industry. He knew he loved working with his hands, and really enjoyed fixing and replacing things around the house. So he decided construction and carpentry would be a great fit. Becoming a part of the F9 Productions team has been a great opportunity and experience, and looks forward to working hard and striving hard for perfection for every job at hand. 
Superpowers: Being able to get knocked down, get back up and continue to push forward. Also, hitting the snooze button five times and still arriving early for work. 

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