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methods |

Reduce Waste.While designing, F9 is conscious of optimal construction methods that will reduce on site construction waste and material consumption. For instance, if you design a foundation or wood framed wall length to 2′ increments, then there will be less waste of OSB or Plywood sheathing because these products are purchased in 2′ increments.  for substance not style.

materials |

Green and local materials are good materials. When specifying materials, F9 takes into account the materials reusability in the future and overall distance traveled through its lifecycle. F9 also takes part in the 1 Tree Planted program by planting as many trees as it takes to build the structure.

equipment |

Passive, renewable, efficient and long lasting. Energy efficiency is not just about mechanical, electrical and plumbing equipment, but design. F9 promotes passive energy systems in its designs. Passive designs add little to no cost to the project, but increase energy efficiency immensely. Outside of passive design, F9 and its consultants are always looking to new technologies and products that will increase the efficiency of a building, or even put power back into the grid. 

printing |

​​Is it absolutely necessary? F9 prides itself on being able to convey its designs and ideas to clients through digital media without printing them. 

bim |

​​Model like it is built.As one of the 9 foundations of F9, modeling buildings like they are built gives us accurate takeoffs for materials needed to construct the project.

revise |

Physical redlines are a thing of the past. With today’s technology there is no need to print off drawings to mark them up like in the past. This can all be done on a computer or tablet and sent to anyone, anytime, anywhere. ​​
construct the project.

commute |

Carpooling and remote working. F9 promotes carpooling among employees that live near each other. Every Wednesday our office works from home to keep our carbon footprint down. 
​30 Minute Radius. F14 Productions, our sister construction, aims to do local work within a 30 minute radius to cut down on commute times, and to give our clients our full attention.

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