Atlas Tiny House


Built by F9 Productions

8' Wide
18' Long
196 S.F.
11,000 Lbs

Build featured on HGTV

While on vacation, alongside a beautiful stream just outside of Glacier National Park, Alex was enjoying the scenery when the rain rolled in. A group of us went inside the RV and began to play cards. It quickly dawned on me that we were trapped inside a box with no real view to the outside while at the same time being in of the most beautiful places in the world.

A few years later Alex, Lance, and a group of friends began to think about designing a tiny house. While RVs offer great mobility, tiny homes offer exceptional craftsmanship.  We believed we could blend these two ideas together, while letting nature be our guide.

Nature often builds complexity from simplicity and thus beget the question:  How can great craftsmanship, authentic materials, and a desired connection with nature light our way?

Below we lay bare the design of ATLAS. Where every inch of space is driven from a design that connects with nature and enhances the user’s experience.  ATLAS IS engineered from scratch to eliminate waste and enhance optimal performance while remaining elegant. 

F9 Productions’ first build exemplifies our unique take on architecture. Nature often builds complexity from simplicity and thus begets the question:  
How can great craftsmanship, authentic materials, and a desired connection with nature light our way? Many tiny homes cannot be off the grid, are cramped, and cut off from the outside. Atlas solves these issues by:

  1. Providing solar panels for power and collecting rain water.
  2. Has an entire glass wall
  3. Transforming fold-down deck and fold-up awning to extend living outdoors.

Nature often builds complexity from simplicity, Atlas uses three main materials:

  1. Tube Steel creates a strong frame around the entire house and window wall. Light gauge steel is used in between to reduce weight.
  2. Wood for a natural feel and warm smooth finish.
  3. Glass in order to fully experience your surroundings. 



1) Solar panels power Atlas.

2) Rain collects on the roof, then is filtered, and finally stored in the belly of the tiny house.

3) Unsurpassed visibility is provided with the window wall for a unique open experience.

Floor Plans


1. Fold out futon, sleeps 2
2. Sliding glass door
3. Deck
4. Operable windows for inside/outside bar 
5. Kitchen
6. Shower and toliet
7. Storage, solar batteries, backup generator
8. Refrigerator and pantry
9. Stairs with built-in storage 
10. Glass door with opener and thumb-lock. 


1. Queen size bed
2. Loft storage
3. Stairs
4. Open to below

ATLAS premiered on HGTV’s: Tiny House, Big Living on Aug. 10 2015. Check your local listings for re-runs of Episode 13 on Season Two : The Unfoldable Tiny House, or watch the episode on Amazon or iTunes