Vermillion Studio



Longmont, Colorado

Square Footage:

Conditioned Area: 1,994 S.F.
Carport Area: N/A

Construction Date:



Nestled in northern Boulder County’s grasslands sprawls the visionary architectural endeavor that is Vermillion Studio. Located on 35 acres of pristine landscape, this architectural marvel offers an unparalleled panorama of the majestic Rocky Mountains, from Longs Peak to Boulder’s Flatirons.

With the site’s breathtaking vistas at the forefront of design, the project emphasizes these views with expansive glass facades that usher the outdoors in. At the heart of the client’s vision lies a profound reverence for the surrounding landscape, which is manifested in overall transparency and an arched roof that speaks to the front range’s rolling hills.

Envisioned as a haven for creativity and craftsmanship, the structure embodies a harmonious fusion of function and form and boasts a diverse array of workspaces tailored to the intricate demands of sculpture making and assembly. Constructed with innovative Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF), this architectural edifice stands as a testament to sustainability and resilience, marrying the strength of steel arched beams with the efficiency of ICF walls and floors.

The quest for energy efficiency and environmental stewardship permeates throughout the design, as evidenced by the integration of ground-source air to water heat pumps and radiant heating systems. Perforated panels delicately veil select windows, filtering ambient light to minimize intrusion while mitigating solar heat gain, thus fostering a symbiotic relationship between architecture and ecology.

The main floor provides sprawling galleries, studios, and a charming kitchenette. The lofted mezzanine then offers solace amidst the embrace of mountain vistas and is adorned with offices and a conference room.

In its entirety, this architectural work transcends the conventional boundaries of design, inviting occupants to embark on a transformative journey of inspiration and innovation, where the art of living converges with the art of creation amidst an awe-inspiring environment.