Trinity House



Longmont, Colorado

Square Footage:

Conditioned Area: 9,313 S. F.
Garage Area: 798

Construction Date:



There’s an old phrase that says, “build your house on a rock, to ensure it withstands the elements.” In this case, we built the house AND the rock. Trinity House has just over 9,000 square feet of interior space built entirely of concrete and steel with structural acrobatics that dynamically frame multiple mountain views to the west. Every aspect of this project has been designed to be pure, clean, and solid. Every aspect of this project is designed to bring people together. Every aspect of this project is Trinity House.

With a projected price tag of $6,500,000 the “Trinity House” designed by F9 Productions is likely to be Longmont’s most expensive and most unique custom residential project to date. Though the budget is high and the square footage is immense, the project was designed to be as earth conscious as possible, featuring state-of-the-art green roofs throughout the cascading façade. These green roofs act as extensions of the land that is being excavated to maintain maximum site permeability and reduce heat island effect.

The first floor includes a storage room, utility room, jewelry studio, rock saw studio, three bedrooms, men’s and women’s bathroom for the hot tub room, and laundry room. Rounding out the first floor is a massive outdoor patio that faces the mountains to the West.

The second floor features a two-car garage, open concept kitchen, living room, dining room, formal entry, laundry room, powder room, and storage closet. Rounding out the second floor is a screened porch that also faces the mountains to the West, like the patio below.

Continuing our way up through the home, the third floor of the Trinity House features the master suite complete with a four-piece master bathroom, and large master closet including its own laundry area. Once again, rounding out the third floor are two more screened porches, one of which features a jacuzzi.

Next, the fourth floor of the Trinity House contains an office, studio space, closet, bathroom, and another screened in porch for the owners to enjoy the mountain views to the west.

The final ascent is up to the final and fifth floor. This floor includes a simple patio and sacred chapel for prayer.