Redhill Road



Fairplay, Colorado

Square Footage:

Conditioned Area: 1,392 S. F.
Garage Area: N/a

Construction Date:



Not all sites are created equal, but when elegant architecture is gifted a backdrop to match, the result is nothing short of breathtaking. This site just outside of downtown Fairplay checks all of the boxes when it comes to what one might be looking for in a Colorado Rocky Mountain location. With a modest total square footage similar to that of the average two-story townhome, this 1,400 square foot custom single-family home has breathtaking views of Mt. Silverheels to the North while Crystal Clear Creek access is just a few steps away.

With a deconstructed and simplistic form that speaks to some of the earliest structures ever built, this residence has earned the endearing nickname within the firm of “House” House. The minimalistic gable roof set atop four perimeter walls has been a staple of the built world since ancient Greece and has stood the test of time including into the modern era in which it has been appreciated and extrapolated on as art.

The beauty of reducing total project square footage and simplifying form as much as possible is that the project budget can be redirected to other ends, such as materials, appliances, and the details that make a home truly unique. For example, the entire exterior of the home, from roof to walls, is clad in standing seam metal siding. In addition, the fireplace’s structure and finish is stone from floor to ceiling, which brings both texture and a heaviness that grounds the fireplace as a central element of home life.

It’s no news that the mountains are cold, and Fairplay is no exception. With winds that can reach over 100mph and heavy snowpack, thermal resistance is key. To combat heat loss, the wall framing is clad with rigid insulation so that there are no thermal “bridges” that would otherwise allow for heat transfer from the warm interior to the cold and mountainous beyond. The roof framing above is also 16” thick, to allow for a combination of spray foam insulation and batt insulation to fight heat loss overhead.

The residence’s main floor contains spaces that are cozy in terms of their arrangement while simultaneously opening up to each other, and the floor above. The dining room and living room are double-height spaces, meaning they can be looked down upon from the bedroom walkway above, and the result is a sense of grandness without sacrificing hominess.

After a short stroll up the custom wood-treaded stair, we find ourselves at the hallway that looks down to the level below but also leads to the residence’s two sleeping quarters. Both bedrooms are gifted with windows that extend vertically up the full height of the wall and seamlessly into the roof. As one lays in their bed, the result is a sensation of sleeping under the stars.