the podcast

Inside the Firm is a raw look into the inner workings of an Architecture firm. Posted every Friday afternoon principles and host, Alex Gore and Lance Cayko, dive into the nitty gritty issues of how to start, run, and maintain your firm.

“Hands down one of the top two architecture podcast in the world… I don’t miss this podcast” 

You can also find the podcast on all major podcast players, and now on YouTube.

the book

The Creativity Code is about taking back creativity in a structured way, and making intangible ideas concrete. This jam-packed guide will help you find hidden opportunities, solve unique problems, and create what you think is impossible.

“Whether I’m talking to Fortune 500 CEOs or Silicon Valley startup founders, they are all saying that innovation and creativity are the things they want most from their workforce. In this day and age creativity is the must-have skill that will propel anyone’s career regardless of their profession. This book teaches you specific concepts that drive creativity, uses real world examples, and provides a hands on guide to make sure you can apply it.”

Kevn Kruse, New York Times Bestselling Author

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