Level One



Boulder, Colorado

Square Footage:

7,100 S. F.

Construction Date:

Early 2023

Mass-Timber Project is a Playful, Energy-Conscious Custom Residence

Set atop a sloped half-acre lot at the base of Boulder’s famous Flatirons, this 7,100 SF custom designed residence blends nuanced building methods with a childlike enjoyment of all things fun. Designed by F9 Productions, this five-bedroom dwelling will house a happy family of five with plenty of room for the occasional long-term guest.

During project inception the ownership team was instrumental in outlining their desires for a mass-timber-constructed building that was to be clad with enough glass to gesture to the aesthetic of an “Apple Store.” While cross-laminated timber was the original proposed construction method, the wish for an interior plywood finish led to the ultimate use of mass-ply panels for the floor and roof systems, as well as most of the interior walls.

The obvious benefit of utilizing mass-ply panels is that the structure also acts as the finish material, thereby eliminating the need for additional finish work during construction. Because mass-ply panels are inherently solid, there are no cavity walls, and so much of the plumbing, conduit and HVAC will remain exposed so that residents and visitors can clearly see the building’s inner workings firsthand. 

A High End Luxury Residential Home Set in Boulder Colorado
Exterior Backyard with Trampoline and outdoor Hot Tub

From an energy-usage and insulation perspective, the foundation walls are composed of insulated concrete forms (ICF’s) and all glazing will be triple-glazed. Continuous rigid insulation will be provided above the roof deck, at all cantilevered floors, and over opaque exterior walls, which will then be finished with Shou Sugi Ban siding. Shou Sugi Ban is a Japanese preservative treatment wherein the wood surface is pre-charred, hence its deep black color, so that it can stand up better to weathering, Colorado’s high-UV index, and even fire. In addition, a massive solar array will provide a significant portion of the residence’s required power.

Lower Floor Plan F9 Productions Inc.
The lower floor is composed of an attached garage with an entry wing on one side and a guest suite on the other. As one walks through the entry wing, they will be flanked by custom plywood cabinets, shelving and storage. At the end of the hall are the stairs to the main floor. Oh, and a slide. Yes, you read that right… a slide. While this provides a speedy exit from the main floor and is perhaps the most whimsical element in the house, there are plenty other playful features throughout.
Interior Perspective from Entry F9 Productions Inc.
As we ascend to the main level, we reach the open living room, dining room, and kitchen, which has nearly 360-degree views that both look down to the City of Boulder as well as up to the dramatic Flatirons. A sloped twelve-foot-tall ceiling maximizes these photographic views so that no perspective is lost.

In the sleeping wing are four bedrooms, a pair of which are allocated for two daughters that will have a shared loft space above the rooms’ dividing wall. At the opposite side of the residence, we have the fitness room, interior pool room, and steam room, which provide opportunities for at-home fitness and relaxation like never before. Climbable elements in the fitness room add to residence’s fun-loving nature and make the gym more like a playground than anything else.