Kronus HQ



Boulder, Colorado

Square Footage:

Business Area: 5,089 S. F.
Factory Area: 12,979 S.F.
Interior Parking Area: 8,129 S.F.

Construction Date:

Late 2025


As electricity demands continue to increase globally, the United States energy sector is attempting to keep pace. One company that is keeping pace, or even ahead of the game, is Kronus Engineering out of Boulder, Colorado. While most companies are thinking of ways to create much-needed electricity, Kronus is focused on how to store the electricity for future use. They create customizable energy storage systems that are built within shipping containers that can be shipped out worldwide. Whether you need electricity to support a small event or a small community, Kronus has you covered thanks to their out of the box thinking, literally.

To keep up with the energy industry, Kronus Engineering is building a new headquarters in Boulder, Colorado, home to many well-known technology companies. The lot is just under an acre and shaped like a triangle, which made the design of the commercial building a bit challenging, but also helped drive the design for the F9 team. The building is almost two buildings in one separated by different uses. A manufacturing floor and parking garage dominate the southern two thirds of the site on the first floor, while three stories of office space protrude above the factory floor and parking garage on the northern third of the site.

The first floor of the building contains a large factory floor, lab space and parking garage. The factory floor is where the shipping containers are fabricated and then shipped out. The lab space is just north of the factory floor to assist with any testing of equipment that will be packaged in the shipping container. The parking garage will be used for employee parking as well as storage for shipping containers. The second and third floors contain open office spaces, offices, conference rooms, and break rooms for Kronus employees.

In line with their sustainable electric approach, the building will be outfitted with a solar array along the roof of the factory to both provide electricity and shade for the building to reduce interior cooling demands. In addition to harnessing the sun’s energy above the building, the earth’s energy below ground will be harnessed through a system of geothermal heat pumps which will bring warm air up from the soil tens of feet below grade. Kronus is not only excelling in the sustainable energy industry through its products, but also through the built environment around them.