Jazz House



Lakewood, Colorado

Square Footage:

3,733 S.F.

4 Bedroom
3 Baths
1 Jazz Studio

Year Completed:



The clients are both Army veterans, one a doctor and the other a current Jazz musician. Due to service connected injuries, one of the clients has extensive degenerative joint disease which impairs her ability to use stairs, restricts her walking distance, and impairs range of motion. Due to this unique situation, finding a property within an urban context, and close to a light-rail station was a high priority for the client in order to maximize their ability to participate normally in activities of daily living, while ensuring access to transportation and occupational opportunities.  

Jazz house had unique challenges to overcome: a unique triangle shaped site and large front setback, low barrier thresholds and adaptable floor plan for a future elevator. it.  



Huge setbacks limited the buildable area of the already difficult triangle lot. Turning this into an advantage, the elongated building lets in the winter sun, and blocks the harsh summer sun.

behind the design