G5 Brewing Company



Severance, Colorado

Square Footage:

Brewery Area: 4,955 S. F.
Taproom Area: 6,748 S.F

Construction Date:



G5 Brewing Co. is getting us all hopped up and bubbly. See what we did there? This custom piece of commercial architecture takes inspiration from the Denver Art Museum and will be modern, funky, and a great place to hang with friends or your family. Located just off of the town of Severance’s main arterial road, G5 Brews emerges with strong projecting cantilevers and acts as a landmark, inviting locals and travelers alike to experience the essence of craft brewing and community camaraderie.

This architectural marvel stands as the inaugural brewery project for F9 Productions, and the firm is more than eager to work on more. In order to learn more about the ins and outs of brewing and its unique spatial requirements the design team’s very first step was to meet with G5’s owners for a tour of three local breweries, and one or a few beers of course.

At G5, the pursuit of fun is paramount. Embracing a fusion of entertainment and artisanal brewing, the clients sought to create a dynamic destination that transcends traditional brewery experiences. Inspired by the use of shipping containers in construction, the project sought to mimic their form and industrial aesthetic while working with a larger overall project scale. As a complement to the family-friendly G5 Brewpub across the street, G5 emerges as a 21 and over sanctuary, intertwining beer production with immersive taproom and social spaces.

Bridging creativity and functionality, G5’s architectural narrative unfolds through a juxtaposition of construction types. The brew house segment boasts a pre-engineered metal building structure, marrying efficiency with durability. Meanwhile, the taproom exudes an urban allure, blending glass facades with exposed steel and wood accents, crafting an industrial ambiance.

The taproom’s lower level is where the pulse of excitement thrives. An arcade entices patrons with nostalgic video games and pinball machines, while a secondary bar allows one to stay close by without breaking focus. For those seeking an even more “active” game, a duck-pin bowling alley awaits, promising endless fun.

Ascending to the main level, the brewing process unfolds behind a grand glass wall, inviting patrons to witness the craft in real time. The bar area offers ample seating, punctuated by a stage primed for live performances. Outside, an additional stage and seating area set the scene for memorable evenings, complemented by cornhole under the sun and cozy fire pits during colder nights.

Elevate your experience on G5’s upper level, where a captivating catwalk and seating arrangement overlooks the stage below. Both cantilevers can be accessed by customers to get a unique perspective of the town and to the landscape beyond. As one ventures to the roof deck, panoramic mountain views come into sight and set the scene for memorable sunsets.

At G5, every pint tells a story, every laugh echoes with fellowship, and every moment is a celebration of the art of brewing and the spirit of togetherness.