Boulder Barndominium



Boulder, Colorado

Square Footage:

2,658 S.F.

1 Bedroom 
1 Bath
Net Zero

Year Completed:



When Michael and Michelle set out to build their barndominium (a barn with an attached dwelling unit), they contacted our firm to design the barn with 2 main goals in mind:

  • Simple
  • Efficient
  • Natural Views

Functionality = Efficiency

Michael and Michelle’s design beliefs echoed what our firm preaches; simple, yet profound. The mass of the barndominium is extremely simple; a rectilinear shape with 2 large overhanging shed roofs. However, its design is profound. The rectangular shape is very economic on the amount of material used to physically construct the barn. Likewise, its elongated east/west orientation on site is optimal for natural daylighting, energy production, heating and cooling. Windows up high along each side of the barndominium creates a naturally well lit interior throughout the entire day, reducing the need for interior artificial lighting. The southward sloping shed roof over the barndominium creates an optimal surface for solar panels to power all the electricity needed for the barn. Similarly, the large overhangs on the roof provide shade for the interior during the summer, while allowing direct sunlight into the building during the winter months, drastically reducing the buildings heating and cooling demands. Lastly, and in a recent test, the new structure will operate a a net-zero energy efficiency rate!